Bible Study Groups / Sunday School

Our vibrant Bible Study groups meet each Sunday morning, 9:30-10:30.  Come find a place to belong for you and your family.  Classes are located in our educational building and can be entered from the lower parking lot on Euclid Ave. Our classes and locations are:

  • Preschool (birth-4 year olds):  2nd floor
  • Elementary (5 year olds-6th grades):  3rd floor in Testament Town
  • Middle School (6th-8th grades):  3rd floor in Missions Café
  • High School (9th-12th grades):  3rd floor in Youth City
  • College & Young Adults (18-29):  1st floor in Fellowship Hall
  • Young Ladies/Mothers:  1st floor, Rm  100B
  • Young Couples (medium age):  1st floor, Rm. 101
  • H20 (All adult ages): 1st floor, Rm.103
  • Ladies (medium age and up):  1st floor, Rm.102
  • Couples (50 and up): 2nd floor, Rm. 211
  • Men (50 and up):  2nd floor, Rm. 207
  • Couples (70 and up): 1st floor, 100E
  • Ladies (70 and up): 2nd floor, Rm. 209
  • Men (70 and up): 2nd floor, little Chapel